The multifunctional and hi-tech GPS vehicle tracker VBT+ gains extreme regard by its ever-lasting innovation, classic, stability, real-time tracking, and attractive looking. With the help of VBT+ you can track your worthy vehicles and beloved ones by installing a VBT+ tracking device on your motor vehicle. With the help of VBT+ you have no worry about your motor vehicle being stolen and enjoy the peace of mind devoid of any disturbance. Thus, adopt this portable GPS Tracker and know where your loved ones are located.

VSS03 tracking device


  • GSM Quad-band Frenquency
  • Real time Tracking by SMS/GPRS
  • Built-in Battery, Cut Vehicle Oil or Circuit Alarm
  • ACC Ignition and Flameout inform
  • Smart Sleep Save Power Mode
  • AGPS function receives GPS signals faster
  • Built-in Storage Memory up to 2000 units
  • Overspeed Alarm, Move Alarm, Geo-Fence Alarm

Technical Specifications

1. Dimensions 90mm x 45mm x 16mm
2. Weight 46g
3. Backup Battery 250mah/3.7V(Can Last One Day after power cut)
4. Network GSM/GPRS
5. Bandwidth 850/900/1800/1900/Mhz
6.Standby Time 24 hour
7. GPS Sensitivity 149dbm
8. GPS Accuracy 5m
9. Work Voltage 12V-36V
10. TTFF(OPEN sky) Cold Start<45s,Warm start <35s,Hot start<1s
11. Storage Temperature (-40℃ to +85℃)
12. Operation Temperature (-20℃ to +55℃)
13. Humidity 5%-95% none-condensing