Delhi GPS Whitelabeled Mobile App from VoxTrail

We are Delhi GPS Technologies, a company dealing with GPS tracking Software and Mobile App equipped with advanced GPS technology required for the business and individuals in New Delhi. We understand the need for reliable GPS devices that have reliable GPS Software Services. We believe in doing intensive research to deliver the best quality product to the end user. In pursuit of providing our customers with the best quality GPS tracking services, we got our mobile app white labeled from VoxTrail Software Solutions Unique designs, intuit features and innovation in the functionality, Delhi GPS Mobile App is the new version of GPS Mobile Application. Some of the unique features of Delhi GPS Mobile App include:

  • Create zone alerts to get prompt notifications and alerts whenever there is a change in the defined route or any arrival or departure in the defined area via geo-fencing feature.
  • One can have a complete analysis report of fuel, temperature, and activities of the individual trip with diagrammatic representations.
  • Secure your steps with live or real-time tracking with the speed, distance, idle intervals, driver behavior, location, accurate address, time, and date along with general information of the trip precise location.
  • Synchronize the events related to the vehicle model and device numbers with the time interval, frequency, date, and location and the kind of activity has taken place like harsh acceleration, over speeding etc.
  • Current positioning of the devices along with live mapping feeds will help the user in detecting the total, running, parked and offline vehicle status.
  • Set the priority interface according to the preferences with the help of device list panel settings.
  • Check the trip history, playback the same and can take out the measurable components from it to diagnose the accuracy of your vehicle with the distance traveled.
  • Current positioning with real-time monitoring helps to get defined data concerning distance, fuel consumption, time intervals and speed of the vehicle.
  • Delhi GPS Mobile App helps in sharing the locations, objects, and cloning of app with the other user providing them with the interface that is most useful with a unique link.
  • Delhi GPS Mobile App design is unique, interactive and easy to use. It has the vibrant font and synchronized protocol helps in easy understanding and viable for usage by anyone.

Delhi GPS Technologies has explored a good market share with the help of VoxTrail Whitelabling Solutions in the context of Mobile App, catering multiple features advancement to the GPS users by enabling them with interactive Hi-tech functionalities meant for their and their loved ones protection.
Delhi GPS Technologies is indeed very thankful to VoxTrail Software Solutions for harnessing their expertise to our venture and to the VoxTrail Mobile App – White label Solution for delivering a differentiating app in the market. With the regular use of the Delhi GPS Mobile App, we have been able to solve our GPS tracking problems quickly and accurately. We as a company definitely recommend VoxTrail Mobile app – White label Solution for GPS tracking.