Delhi GPS Technologies Whitelabeled GPS Software

Delhi GPS Technologies has been a part of the GPS Industry since beginning. Ever since the start, Delhi GPS Technologies has always accepted and experimented new innovations in the market. VoxTrail Software Solutions – a niche brand catalyst in GPS Domain has inculcated an advanced featured GPS Software solutions to monitor, explore and track and trace the movement either of vehicle, fleets or person through its intuit functionalities.
Distinct and unique in design from the existing GPS Softwares in the market, Delhi GPS Software embarks a new division in the GPS Industry which not only focuses on tracking and tracing but also inculcates live tracking mechanism for the user thus harnessing a safe and secure environment. Delhi GPS Technologies have been using Whitelabling Solution of VoxTrail since its launch and the results are outstanding. Benefits of Delhi GPS Software are:-

  • Real-time information – Delhi GPS Software is integrated with Delhi GPS Mobile App giving the users a full control over the real time information via live tracking, mapping, current positing of vehicles and actual live locations fetching along with address.
  • Fuel Monitoring – With Delhi GPS Software you can now collect and scan the fuel level in the vehicles (fleets). Every trip fuel consumption rates date wise, optimal level, along with the graphics which can be easily monitored by Delhi GPS Software and Delhi GPS Mobile App by VoxTrail Whitelabling Solutions
  • Temperature Solutions – This features helps in maintaining an optimum level of temperature in the contents, materials like food compliances and cargos. Inbuilt with multiple temperature monitoring zones, anti - spoilage and anti-theft features Delhi GPS Software makes the vehicles hi-tech with less operational cost.
  • Remote Controlling – Delhi GPS Software helps in controlling the fleets remotely from anywhere anytime. Providing the user with remote controlling features, one can cut-off the ignition during any theft activity.
  • Geo-Fencing – Delhi GPS Software helps in creating geo-fencing zone alerts with real time information fetching. Other than this, Through VoxTrail Software between two or more geo-fencing zones we can calculate fuel consumption rates, fuel costs incurred and Vehicle status.
  • Graphical Reports- Users with Delhi GPS Software can now fetch graphical and diagrammatical representations of the complete fleets in terms of vehicle status like: - running, parked, offline and total with speed, time, driven duration, distance numerals and driver behaviors.
  • Activity and Event Synchronization: - Advanced feature of the Delhi GPS Software helps in analyzing the different activities during the trip like: - harsh braking, over speeding, harsh acceleration, diversions etc along with the trip history and playback features.
  • User Customization – Delhi GPS Software users can allocate and control devices on the software as per their requirements and priorities. If device is having camera installed, user can even share and capture pictures from Delhi GPS Software. This is of the unique feature given by VoxTrail Software Whitelabling Solutions.

Being an associate of VoxTrail Software Solutions, Delhi GPS Technologies have reached the zenith of an excellent market share. Our company highly recommends the utilization of VoxTrail Software Solutions wide range of GPS Portfolios.